At Enterprise, we offer storage solutions at our conveniently
located storage facility in Rockland County.

Enterprise is capable of storing your household goods for as long as you need. Unlike public storage facilities, which offer garage-sized spaces, we store your property in large wooden crates in our immaculate warehouse. Before your property is loaded into crates, it is covered, wrapped, and a complete inventory check is performed so that each item stored is tagged and accounted for. This will alleviate the possibility of missing items. Each crate is then tagged by name and cataloged in our office. Large items such as sofas are shrink-wrapped and stored on our sofa rack. Other large items such as swing sets, extension ladders, etc., are stored in separate areas and once again tagged with your name and cataloged in our office. Some advantages to storing at our facility include an alarm secured premises, a climate controlled warehouse, and a monthly extermination check.
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